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Leather Dog Collar

Leather Dog Collar

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Product Description

Dog collar with inlay of horsehair available with choices in base leather, padding and stitching choices. 


Choose brass or stainless hardware. 


For sizing measure dogs neck and add 2 inches for comfort. 


Nameplates can be added. 


Item #026

Available Options

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  • How Many Tails Will You Be Sending?
  • Striped or Salt & Pepper (if sending more than one tail)


  • Base Color: Medium Brown (1), Rich Brown (2), Dark Brown (3), Black (4)
  • Padding Color: Metallic Silver (1), White (2), Light Beige (3), Dark Tan (4) Mocha (5), Dark Brown (6), Black (7), Grey (8), Red (9), Orange (10), Yellow (11), Apple Green (12), Hunter Green (13), Aqua (14), Baby Blue (15), Teal (16), Royal Blue (17), Navy Blue (18), Metallic Blue (19), Metallic Pink (20), Pink (21), Purple (22), Plum (23), Sangria (24), Bubblegum (25)
  • Stitching Color,: Black, Pink, Brown, Orange, Lilac, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Red  (if nor stitching color is chosen brown or black will be used)
  • Dog Collar hardware: Stainless or Brass
  • To add a nameplate click Nameplates

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