Welcome to the PonyLocks website! To place an order, answer the questions in the order options box which will activate the "Add To Cart" option. Upon completion of the transaction an email will be sent with your order number and address to ship to. Include the order number in with your hair when sending.

~ Our Promise to You! ~

It is very important to us that you are 100% happy with each piece you receive. Therefore, we offer lifetime repair as long as the jewelry is taken care of, as outlined below. Also, if there is something wrong with your purchase, just let us know right away. In addition, if you have any issues with clasps or hardware please contact us by email for a replacement. It is not recommended that jewelry is worn while washing your horse or cleaning their stalls. If the pieces are repeatedly getting wet (or dirty) this may affect the glue and soap build-up could damage the hair as well as shorten the life expectancy of your jewelry. In addition, wearing your bracelet next to a watch or other items could fray the hair. As for rings, they should be worn with care. The hair in the comfort-fit ring is a bit more protected than the square-fit ring; however, neither ring should be worn when your hands are in the water. It is also important to know that constant wear may shorten the life expectancy of the hair in the ring. These are the main reasons we would not be able to guarantee the products. PonyLocks reserves the right to not replace a piece of jewelry that shows signs of abuse or any damage that is not from normal wear.