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~ Cutting and Shipping ~

  • Going from the underside of the tail, find the base of the tailbone and take the hair from as close to the end of the bone as possible. We need the diameter of a pencil. In some cases mane hair can be used if it is approximately the right length. Email or text a picture and inquiry if you are not sure. 
  • Please do not wash or braid the tail before mailing. All hair will be washed and conditioned upon receipt. Matted hair or overly dirty hair is unusable and will be returned. All unused hair will be returned with the finished product.
  • It is important that you do not ship wet horsehair as it will mildew and ruin during transit. 
  • Simply place the hair in a zipper bag and write your name on the bag. Also, cut a large hole in the bag so that it isn’t airtight. We suggest this so that fungal spores don’t develop during transit.
  • Put the zipper bag inside a bubble mailer and send to:

3616 Loftwood Lane

Wake Forest, NC 27587 

  • It is best to obtain tracking for the package which will allow you to verify when the package arrives; however, do NOT require a signature for delivery. I also ask that the name and address on the billing section at checkout is the same information as the return address. This step will allow me to confirm that it is your horses’ hair upon arrival of the package.

I prefer to communicate via email. This method will provide a history log so that I can ensure no details are missed. You will receive emails from Penny@PonyLocks.com or PonyLocks@yahoo.com; any other emails can be considered fraudulent. I will NOT request billing information via email.