Welcome to the PonyLocks website! To place an order, answer the questions in the order options box which will activate the "Add To Cart" option. Upon completion of the transaction an email will be sent with your order number and address to ship to. Include the order number in with your hair when sending.

~ Ordering Details ~

Leather and Jewelry Bracelets
The tail must be approximately 12-15” in length and a pencils width in diameter. The order form asks for desired finished length for the bracelet (add 1" larger than tight wrist measurement). If not specified, a medium (7 1/2") will be made.

The diameter is the same as the bracelets, but the length has to increase to a minimum of 24” in length.


If hair is longer, then less width is acceptable. Mane hair can also be used; 8” in length and a  half a pencils width. Think about where you want the pendant portion of your necklace to hang and use this chart as a guide to choose your size.

Measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape and add 1 inch. On a very general scale a 7 inch is a small, a 7.5 is a medium and an 8 is a large. Most bracelets can be cut down if too big but they can not be added to unless links are added at clasp end.  When placing your order, indicate the finished length desired, NOT your wrist measurement. 

Style #017-less length will work fine -- Style #018-a pencils width is required with 10” in length.

Please choose a braid style, a length of the drop for the earring and the type of hanger (ear wire or french hook)

Please choose a braid style and a watch face shape. Add 3/4 of an inch to the wrist measurement for sizing. Watch face choices will be emailed once order is received. 

The tail must be approximately 18-24” in length and two pencils width in diameter. Please measure where the belt will lay around waist, rather than pant size. Measuring a current belt to the hole used including the buckle is usually a good measurement. If the tail is shorter or there is not enough thickness, supplemental hair is available upon request. Please measure the actual waist size where the pants are worn for correct sizing to the middle hole. If measuring a current belt, measure from the end of the buckle to the hole it is worn on for the correct size. Do not rely on pant sizes as they are not an accurate measurement. If wrong size is ordered, there will be a fee to remake the belt. Measure a current belt from the end of the buckle as indicated by the pink arrow to the hole the belt is worn. This will be the length including the buckle to the middle hole of your new custom belt.

Dog Collars
The tail must be approximately 18" in length and 1 1/2 pencil widths in diameter. Please measure the dogs neck and add 2" to the measure.

The tail must measure approximately 18" - 24" in length and be about two pencil widths. Multiple horses can be used if choosing an adjustable hatband. Silver spacers are placed at hair junctions to connect the hair. The tassel type hatband uses a silver wire wrap or suede cord for the connections between hair pieces. Please measure the hat at the base for accurate sizing.

Rings require about 100 strands of hair, about 10" in length. There are two rings available: a square fit or a comfort fit. Be sure to provide the correct size of a wide band ring as it will not be possible to adjust it; a new ring will need to be purchased.

Your order number starting with a PL will be in your confirmation email. Include that number with your hair and your name and ship to:

3616 Loftwood lane
Wake Forest, NC 27587