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Concho or Adornment for Belt

Concho or Adornment for Belt

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Product Description

Conchos can be added to the belts in between sections of hair or next to the nameplates. Many variations are available. 

Top Row:  3/4" Shiny Round, 3/4" Flower Pattern, 3/4" Turquoise Center, 1/2" Silver, Running Horse

2nd Row: 1" Celtic, 1" Tooled Pattern, 1" Compass, 1" Heart, 1" Turquoise Center

3rd Row: 1" Flower Pattern, 1" Bling Round, Celtic Cross, 1 1/2" Basket Weave Oval, 1 1/2" Turquoise Center Oval

4th Row: 1" Brass Round, 1" Brass Fan Round, 1 " Brass Star, 1 1/2" Navajo Oval, 1 1/2" Flower Oval



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