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Getting the Most Out of Your New Keepsake

Now that you have received your customized horsehair jewelry from PonyLocks and are thrilled with the quality, let's talk about the best way to keep it in great condition.
Your new piece is not meant to be worn on only special occasions, you should wear it all the time to show off that you are able to keep your beloved companion close by. The quality is one that will last for a very long time and with a few care instructions you will be able to wear it daily, without worrying it will get ruined. So, go ahead, put it on!! Start enjoying your new keepsake.
It is important to always remove your jewelry before getting into the shower, hot tub, or even swimming. You will want to keep it as dry as possible. Now, if you are caught in the rain or need to wash your hands it will not be a problem; it is prolonged exposure, especially in chemical filled water source, like a swimming pool that is not good for your jewelry; chemicals will break down certain metals and damage the hair.
As time goes on, if it seems like the metal needs to be polished, simply use a soft polishing cloth to shine it up but do NOT use any sort of polishing agents! Use ONLY water to clean your jewelry! Also, please do not rely on labels that say it is okay to use on delicate fine jewelry - only use a soft polishing cloth. You can take it to your local jewelry store and ask for it to be cleaned in their ultrasonic cleaner but be sure to first ask them if they use any sort of chemicals.
Another piece of advice I'd like to share is to make sure if you wear other jewelry to be careful not to snag or rub the horsehair against it. Horsehair is a natural textile and it is not as strong as metal but if cared for correctly it will last a very long time!
I would love to hear from you if you are happy with your new piece! Send me an email at Penny@PonyLocks.com

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