** When sending hair please do not require signature for packages. **
Some pieces are handcrafted with Sterling Silver tubing and 14k Gold. Jewelry is both eye catching and durable enough for everyday wear. There are four different braid
styles to choose for some styles as well as a variety of clasps to complete your unique piece
To order, choose a piece from the Jewelry Case and specify the color of hair provided and braid style if applicable. Include the hair, the order form and payment in your
package You can send in a piece of your own hair and choose the style you would like for a custom piece.
Requirements for custom pieces:
For Bracelets: jewelry and leather
  • The tail must be approximately 12-15 inches in length and a pencils width in diameter.
  • Order form asks for desired finished length for the bracelet (usually 1" larger than tight wrist measurement). If not specified, a medium (7 1/2") will be made.

For Necklaces:
  • The diameter is the same as the bracelets but the length has to increase to a minimum of 24 inches in length.

For Pendants:
  • Tail should be a pencils width and about 10 inches in length. If hair is longer then less width is acceptable
  • Mane hair can also be used- 8- 10 inches in length and a pencils width        

For Keychains:
  • The tail must be approximately 10-12 inches in length and a pencils width in diameter. For style 017 less length is allowed. For style 018 a bit more than a pencils width is required with 10 inches in

For Earrings:
  • The tail must be approximately 10-12 inches in length and a pencils width in diameter. Please choose a braid style, a length of the drop for the earring and the type of hanger (Ear wire or French hook)

For Watches:
  • The tail must be approximately 10-12 inches in length and a pencils width in diameter. Please choose a braid style and a watch face shape. Add 3/4 of an inch to the wrist measurement for sizing

For Belts:
  • The tail must be approximately 18-24 inches in length and 2 pencils width in diameter. Please measure where the belt will lays around waist rather than pant size. Measuring a current belt to the hole
    used including the buckle is usually a good measurement. If the tail is shorter supplement some width to the amount for each of the cutout spaces on the belt. Supplemental hair is available upon
    request. Please measure the actual waist size where the pants are worn for correct sizing to the middle hole. If measuring a current belt, measure from the end of the buckle to the hole it is worn on for
    the correct size. Pant sizes are not an accurate measurement. If wrong size is ordered a remake of the belt will be made for a fee.


For Dog Collars:
  • The tail must be approximately 18 inches in length and 1 1/2 pencil widths in diameter. Please measure the dogs neck and add 2 inches.

For Hatbands:
  • The tail must measure approximately 18-24 inches in length and be about 2 pencils width. Multiple horses can be used if choosing an adjustable hatband. Silver spacers are placed at hair junctions to
    connect the hair. Email or call for a current picture of the spacer options. The tassel type hatband uses a suede or split leather type cord for the connections between hair pieces. Please measure the
    hat at the base for correct sizing.

For Rings:
  • Rings require about 100 hairs about 10 inches in length. There are two rings available: a square fit or a comfort fit. Be sure to provide the size as a wide band ring. Correcting a wrongly sized ring will
    not be possible without purchasing a new ring.        

All hair will be washed and conditioned upon receipt. Matted hair or overly dirty hair is unusable and will be returned. All hair must be placed in a
plastic bag or container and shipped to address below.
  • In some instances, mane hair can be used if it is approximately the right length

  • Please EMAIL or call with any questions or concerns about styles, products and pricing.

  • Allow 4 to 6 weeks for custom pieces from the time PonyLocks receives the hair

  • All extra hair is returned with the finished product.

  • Please indicate on the order form if you would prefer Fedex (insured) delivery for $10 or USPS for $8.50 for up to two small bracelet type boxes or one necklace box. USPS for more than 2 items
    or a necklace and bracelet combination is $14.50. If USPS is chosen, PonyLocks is not responsible for lost shipments or replacements. Please contact us for International shipping rates.

  • Forms of payment accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Check, Paypal, Certified check, or Money orders.

  • The tail hair I provided was from a chestnut horse but appears a lot darker now its been made into jewelry. Are you sure it is my horses tail? Answer: A lot of chestnuts tails are a lot darker
    underneath that doesn't see the sun. When it is all braided together a lot of the red type highlights may be darkened by all the hairs being grouped together. Rest assured, all hair is color coded and
    washed separately so there is no mixup and confusion of tails.
** Make checks payable to Ponylocks. If using a credit card you can call, email or include the credit card information
along with the order.
Venmo address is @Penelope-Senor. Paypal email address is ponylocks@yahoo.com.  All items
must be paid in full by the time it ships back to you. **
** If sending a check please include $10 for Fedex
delivery or $8.50 for USPS delivery.**
Please mail hair, order form and payment to the following address:
Pony Locks
3616 Loftwood Lane
Wake Forest, NC 27587
** Gift Certificates Available **
EMAIL for more information.
Braid style examples:
from left to right:
Rope, round, flat, square
Measure a current belt from the end of the
buckle as indicated by the pink arrow to the
hole the belt is worn on. This will be the length
including the buckle to the middle hole of your
new custom belt.
Custom Horse Hair Jewelry
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